“Show Boat Bar” Circa 1940history

Isaac Shepherd purchased the lot from A.W. Wright of Alma in April 1889, where it continued to change hands.  One of which was the Moody Furniture and Undertaker business.  This was one common combination, for funerals were usually held in homes or a church; with preparation done at this location.  The balcony was the display area for the caskets.

Selba (Selb) Adams had worked and traveled on a Mississippi Show Boat for some years.  It was the same Show Boat that Author Dena Ferber used for the background to her famous novel (The Show Boat).  When he moved to Shepherd, he opened the “Show Boat Bar” at this location.  His son Delmar and wife Hildard Adams later took over the business.

It was later Woody’s Bar then becoming Shepherd Bar in 1989 when the building to the east was purchased and made into an adjoining restaurant that became a very popular eating place in the area. Kent Roth and partner John Loper continued with the business in 1994, and in 2002 purchased the next building to the east; making it into a meeting and banquet room called the “Maple Leaf Room’ to cater to the needs of groups up to 100 guest.  The Shepherd Bar & Restaurant is one of the longest running establishments still operating at their original location in The Village of Shepherd.